Well thought out and well structured

Working on a translation project is normally divided into three parts:


I can provide you with a free sample translation to convince you of the quality I deliver. During consultation on your work I will advise you on all additional information that I need to be able to translation your text to your complete satisfaction.

Look into my FAQ section. You'll find some useful information there!

Of course I'll be happy to work out a quote for you without any commitment on your part. You can use it as a basis for transparent project decision-making.


If necessary, I'll contact you with questions regarding difficult terms or give you feedback on any mistakes in the source text.

I perform a correction run for every translation I deliver.

Upon request (and for an additional charge), I can arrange that the " four-eye" principle is applied, i.e. that the translation is proofread by a second person (with comparable skills). This service is especially recommended for texts of a publicity nature.

And here's some more good news: You save money because I save all translations to a customer-specific database (a so-called " translation memory"), so that in the future you only pay for sentences that haven't been translated before. This service doesn't cost you a penny!


Corrections and rectifications agreed upon are free of charge (to an appropriate extent).

Upon request, a translation database (so-called "translation memory") is provided in the standardized format (.tmx).

You'll never have to worry about your translation data: my clients' data are automatically saved on an external storage drive during regular backup procedures.